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Top 4 Denture Care Tips

added on: November 18, 2015
denture care

Dentures can be an amazing replacement to all or several missing teeth. They can help regain confidence, enhance your lifestyle, and can even restore a more youthful look. But just because they aren’t natural teeth doesn’t mean they don’t need the same level of care. At our dental office in Lyndhurst, we want our denture patients to get the most out of their dentures, which is where proper care comes into play.

Why Proper Denture Care is Important

Just like caring for your natural teeth, caring for your dentures is important for overall oral health. When not cleaned or cared for properly, your dentures can become ill-fitting and result in serious oral health concerns. Most often, improper denture care leads to a buildup of plaque bacteria along the gum line. Too much of this dangerous bacteria may cause bad breath, cavities, more tooth loss, and even gum disease.

Follow These Tips

Proper denture care is important to fight off dangerous oral diseases and to ensure a proper fit for as long as possible. Follow these tips to extend the life of your dentures.

  • Rinse. Rinsing your dentures with warm water after every meal is ideal. Rinsing helps remove any food particles that may be lingering around on your denture causing buildup. If foodstuffs are left there too long, they can start to decompose and lead to smelly breath or other oral health concerns.
  • Brush. Just like natural teeth, dentures should be brushed daily. Use a soft-bristled brush or a denture brush with a denture-safe paste to gently clean the dentures, ridding them of extra food particles and bacteria. Just like rinsing, brushing goes a long way in keeping dentures, and breath, fresh.
  • Soak. Dentures should be soaked every night in a closed container of denture solution or water. Soaking helps loosen anything that may be hanging around and can even help keep them stain-free.
  • Visit. Make sure to keep up with recommended visits to your dentist in Lyndhurst to ensure your dentures are fitting properly and there are no concerns.

If you have questions about proper care for your dentures, or think they may be a solution for you, give our dental office in Lyndhurst a call. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and ensure you’re on the right track towards optimal oral health.
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