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When maintaining your natural teeth is no longer an option, you may not know where to turn. At Whole Life Dentistry, we understand that losing your natural teeth affects more than just your mouth. Your entire life is affected, and you may feel embarrassed by your missing teeth or have difficulty chewing with an unstable prosthesis. With dental implants and restorative options, we will help you get back the smile you used to love. Backed by our over 120 years of combined experience, our dentists know there is a wide variation in both implant quality and laboratory restorative skills. We are committed to utilizing only the finest quality implants and laboratories to solve your personal issues.


Implant Surgery

Our dentists can both place and restore your dental implant. Implants are tiny titanium root replacements that are inserted into the jaw bone in place of missing teeth. As the implant heals, the bone adheres to the titanium, creating a strong bond and a solid foundation for a replacement tooth. Dental implants help to eliminate bone deterioration over time due to missing teeth, allowing you to retain the structure of your face. Once the implant is healed, a final prosthesis can be attached to the implant functioning just like your natural teeth would. You can eat, drink, talk and smile with confidence.


Restorative Treatment

There are a variety of restorations that use implants as support. Depending on your specific needs, our team will help you select the option that works best for your specific need. Every patient is different, so all of our implant restorations are custom designed to match your existing teeth, as well as allow you to achieve the long-term smile you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you are missing one tooth or several, there is an implant solution for you.


Teeth in a Day

Many dental practices advertise a “new” practice of offering patients the ability to have a functioning tooth on dental implants in a single procedure the same day the implant is placed. The truth is, our dentists have been performing this process for over 20 years. We have created fabulous results for  our patients using one-day technology. While this procedure requires a significant amount of planning, and prefabrication of a prosthesis, it can be a convenient option for patients who have retained a significant amount of jaw bone. You can walk out of surgery and already have a stable, functioning prosthesis in place while your implants heal and we fabricate your final prosthesis.


Implant Retained Dentures (All-on-4)

The All-on-4 dental implant procedure is a solution for patients who require a fixed or removable prosthetic. If bone structure is compromised and a patient isn’t a candidate for fixed implants, the All-on-4 system allows patients to revive their smile with fewer implants. Typically, four or five implants are angled at different inclinations to enhance support. This technology eliminates the need for certain types of bone grafting, as it’s possible to avoid weakened areas. Patients have reduced healing time and less long-term expense when opting for All-on-4 Implant Retained Dentures.


Bone Grafting

Over time, the jaw can atrophy where teeth are missing.  In these cases, there may not be enough bone or its quality may not be suitable for placement of dental implants. Thanks to modern technology, patients who were previously unable to consider dental implants can now undergo bone grafting to create acceptable conditions for placement of implants. Bone can be obtained from many sources. We only use the most pristine bone available.  We may be able to utilize your own bone as a grafting source or provide treatments to stimulate bone and tissue growth. Bone grafts help repair jaw defects, stabilize implant dentures.


Oral Surgery

In order to keep you feeling relaxed, we perform many treatments, including implant surgery and minor oral surgery in our office, in an environment that is familiar to you. We provide follow-up care, which allows you to discuss all of your concerns with the same team who performed the procedure.



Mini-implants are exactly that: they are smaller than traditional implants by about half. The mini-implant is ideal for patients with thinner bones, and often lessens soft tissue trauma. Another advantage is less general discomfort for the patient.  Due to the smaller size, the implant and prosthesis may be less expensive than traditional dental implants and can also be used to add support to a complete denture set.

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