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A complete approach to your care at Whole Life Dentistry starts by listening to your needs and working together to achieve the smile of your dreams.

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Cleveland Loves Whole Life Dentistry

(And Our Incredible, Dependable Dentists)

Dentistry has made some exciting advancements in technology and application in recent years, and your dental care should be provided with today’s best practices. Dr. Young, Dr. Breedlove, and Dr. Justice pride themselves on providing you the highest standard of care in today’s new world. They have the knowledge, skills, and credentials to make your dental visit truly outstanding. Our mission is simple. We want you and your family to have a healthy smile we can both be proud of.

A complete approach.

Comprehensive Care

Whole Life Dentistry cares about the “whole you” – providing care designed to bring you optimal oral and overall health.

Uniquely Skilled

We think you’ll agree that you and your family deserve state-of-the-art dentistry from outstanding local doctors committed to their community.

Family Friendly

For years, we’ve been taking care of generations of patients, beginning as children and spanning a lifetime.

Modern Technology

Experience a new level of dentistry as we rely on some of its most advanced tools and technology.


A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

With the Team that Cares

Whole Life Dentistry’s goal is to ensure all our patients receive the care they need to enjoy a lifetime of great oral health. But, as our name suggests, the benefits you get from a healthy smile aren’t just beautiful teeth. Optimal oral health benefits your entire body and works to ensure your overall health has all the advantages it needs.

Dr. Young, Dr. Breedlove, and Dr. Justice are proud to serve Lyndhurst, Cleveland, and the surrounding communities with compassionate, honest dentistry.