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Sedation Dentistry - Whole Life Dentistry

For some patients, the very idea of visiting the dentist makes them feel nervous and anxious. We understand. That’s why we make sure all of our patients are comfortable and relaxed at every appointment.

We offer a variety of sedation dentistry options, should you need one. We will keep you calm, ease your worries, and virtually change the way you think about a dentist appointment.


Local Anesthesia

Not all local anesthetics are created equal. That’s why here at Whole Life Dentistry, we select the specific local anesthetic that is the perfect match for your particular needs. Just one more way in which we assure your comfort, no matter what.


Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, which is available upon request, is another method of sedation dentistry which we use in our office. Nitrous oxide is an inhaled gas, also known as laughing gas, which helps you relax by delivering a warm, calming sensation. Perfect for patients with mild anxiety, nitrous oxide sedation wears off quickly and you can resume regular activity in no time, you can even drive yourself! Nitrous oxide is conditionally available for children and adults.


Oral Sedation

Prior to your appointment, you take a prescribed medication which will help calm your nerves, and generally make you feel sleepy. While you will be completely conscious and able to move and talk, you won’t likely remember much of the appointment. Because the oral sedative is strong, and can take a few hours to wear off, you’ll need to arrange for transportation to and from your appointment should you opt for this treatment.


General Anesthesia

Should you require a more complicated, lengthy treatment, we offer general anesthesia to ensure your procedure is painless and comfortable. We use IV sedation, which is administered by licensed anesthesiologists in conjunction with local medical facilities.

We follow safety guidelines set by the American Dental Association to keep you relaxed and safe during every visit. You should never have to worry about visiting the dentist, and we are committed to delivering lifelong, stress-free dental care with your comfort in mind.

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