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TMJ/TMD Dentistry

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TMJ Treatment

Providing TMJ Treatment for the Greater Cleveland Area

Our dentists are experienced in helping patients who have symptoms of painful temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Related to your complex jaw joint, TMJ disorders often cause painful clicking, clenching, and grinding of the jaw and teeth. Because these symptoms can often lead to more serious complications, early diagnosis of TMJ disorder and treatment plans are essential.

TMJ disorders can develop for a variety of reasons. Any type of extra stress applied to the jaw joint from sources including tightening or clenching the jaw muscles, injury, or disease, can cause damage that leads to a painful TMJ disorder. Regardless of the cause, many patients with TMJ pain experience a misaligned bite, trouble opening or closing your mouth, and clicking or popping noises when you move your jaw.


Treatment Plans

Since this condition has several different presentations, each of our treatment plans is customized to provide appropriate solutions for your specific problems. We treat TMJ disorders in several phases; the first being to relieve pain and utilize an orthotic splint to stabilize the lower jaw and correct the way your teeth fit together. Other options include reshaping your teeth, using crowns to rebuild the tooth structure, or even an orthodontic appliance.

There are several types of splints that are used in our office:

  • Bruxism splint, worn mostly at night, offers the minimum amount of treatment by preventing muscle strain and grinding
  • Repositioning appliance is worn all day, even at night, and realigns dislocated jaw parts and helps them heal in the correct spot
  • A stabilization appliance is also worn 24 hours a day, and relaxes the muscles and stabilizes the jaw and teeth to prevent shifting

All splints are custom-fitted and readjusted as necessary.

Our end goal is to help your teeth, muscles, and joints work together effortlessly, without straining. We aim to help you eliminate muscle dysfunction and ensure your long-term, pain-free health.

If you are experiencing symptoms related to TMD, contact us today for a consultation and diagnosis. The sooner you begin treatment, the sooner you’ll feel better.