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Family Dentistry

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Family Dentistry

Maintaining Lifelong Healthy Smiles

We want your smile to be as healthy as possible in all stages of your life. We believe that prevention and general maintenance is the best way to achieve optimal oral health through the years. Our staff is here to help you and your family establish dental routines and habits that help you maintain the highest oral health. We offer a variety of general and preventive services in the Lyndhurst and Cleveland areas.

Family Dental Services

Children’s Dental Care

We begin seeing children at the age of three and begin teaching them ways to develop great oral health. We check the development of their teeth, and check for decay, as younger patients are often more susceptible. We provide fluoride treatments at every visit. We want your child’s first visits to be comfortable. Our staff is warm, friendly, and ready to develop a long-lasting relationship with your child.

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Periodontal Therapy

Diagnosing gum disease in the early stages is critical to periodontal health. In addition to deep professional cleaning treatments and regular maintenance, we offer other periodontal services. For more information, check out our periodontal page.

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Sealants are applied to the deep grooves on the surface of the back teeth, as this is the area where decay is most likely to occur. Because the grooves are too small to effectively clean when brushing, they often harbor plaque and bacteria. We apply a dental composite material to seal these grooves and prevent decay.

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Regular professional cleanings are vital to maintaining good oral health. We have developed a unique plan of action to deter cavities or tooth decay. First, we identify areas susceptible to decay in our high-risk patients and develop a treatment plan that includes hygiene techniques for caries control. We recommend routine professional cleanings based on your personal needs. Some of our patients need to come to see us every three months, others only every six to eight. We look forward to helping you define the perfect routine to thoroughly remove debris, tartar, and bacteria from the teeth and gums and reach a healthy, pain-free mouth.

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Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras allow you to see exactly what the dentist sees so you can be better informed on your overall dental condition. This technology shows you what the inside of your mouth looks like, giving you a detailed, personal view. Instead of just taking our word for it, you can see for yourself. Intraoral cameras allow you to make decisions based on what you see.

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This innovative laser device uses wave technology to diagnose weak or decayed tooth enamel before it can be seen on an x-ray or in a manual oral exam. DiagnoDENT is an excellent preventive method that may save your teeth from more costly and invasive treatments later on.

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Digital X-Rays

Our office is equipped with digital x-ray technology that allows us to show clear, concise images to our patients. These high-definition images show full-mouth or panoramic views and help us find cavities. Our digital x-rays provide much less exposure to radiation.

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Comprehensive Exams

We address all areas of your mouth during a periodic or new patient exam. We check for gum disease, examine your hard and soft tissues, evaluate your jaw function, and look for decay and other oral health issues. We then formulate a treatment plan based on your individual needs and equip you with the information you need to continue your path to a healthy smile and a wonderful smile.

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Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments applied topically to the teeth can restore decay-resistant minerals and discourage decay. Fluoride can also decrease tooth sensitivity. We offer fluoride treatments for adults as needed and children at every cleaning.

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