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Cori N.

added on: July 2, 2015

This group of dentists, assistants and front desk staff are probably the best I’ve ever seen ever. Ever. These people treat you with such kindness that it might just spoil you for any other dental office.

I have been with Whole Life Dentistry for two years working on a massive project to fix the damage done to my teeth from grinding. It required them to work with multiple offices with a range of specialties, to do a massive amount of planning, and to do a lot of work when it really came down to implementing the plan.

Over those two years I worked with probably half of the people in the office including Dr. Streem and Dr. Young. Streem did the majority of the work on my bite and Young did the majority of the work implementing the changes. I will be extremely grateful to both of them for the rest of my life for what they did for me.

I used to be the kind of person who smiled with her mouth closed. Now I smile with it wide open. There is no way to truly express what that means to me.

This office is filled with professional, knowledgeable people who will only recommend things that you really need. They aren’t going to gouge you, make you feel uncomfortable, or push unnecessary procedures on you. If you have something large that you need taken care of then this is the right place to start. It might take a lot of time (mine took 2 years) but that’s because they want the best, most effective, highest quality results. And if you’re working on your teeth–that’s what you want.

Pick Whole Life Dentistry, you won’t regret it.

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